Research projects

Our engagement with prestigious industry partners and the community has led to production of several research projects across multiple application domains.

DSRG faculty members and researchers lead projects that stretch across our research streams. The discovery of data sciences within big data is a topical issue in industry and academia.

DSRG invites students and companies to explore the opportunities of collaboration. To discuss any potential projects please contact us.

Asthma Prediction & Diagnosis

Early detection of worsening asthma aims to predict daily asthma related ED visits and admissions.

Smart Shopping

The overall objective of this research project is to enable brick and mortar (BaM) retailers to track what their customers are looking at.

Real-time Data Warehousing

A fast input stream of customer's sales transactions needs to be joined with a disk-based Master Data.

IoT for Precision Health

Big data in the healthcare industry, patient-generated health data, clinical trial results, and Internet of Things (IoT) data all pour into the system.

Medical Adherence

An aging, overweight population has shifted the focus from acute care to chronic disease management.

Augmented Rehabilitation & Coaching Systems

Pattern extraction from low to high quality videos: Towards real-time data fusion (wearable/computing devices).

Pricing and Uptake of Next Generation Networks

The world total of mobile subscriptions exceeds 6.2 billion (World Bank, 2013).

New Framework for High Speed DM

Proposing a new framework that senses the level of volatility in the stream and adjusts the learning paradigm to the level of volatility.

Cyber Bullying Detection

Creating a framework for detecting cyber harassment from textual communication data.

Social Media Location Mining

Aiming to develop models that would be able to extract location information from short Tweet type blogging texts.

Forecasting Fluctuation in Power Supply

Electrical power systems are vulnerable to fluctuations in frequency due to variations that take place in demand.

Spatial Temporal Analysis of Seismic Data

Earthquakes are a major hazard and have the potential to cause considerable loss of life and property.

Travel Data Analytics

Our work on travel data analytics has focused on GPS-based travel surveys.

Analysis of Physiologic Data

Creation of prediction models using medical data.

Forensic Intelligence

The project will analyse ESR's forensic casework data to identify patterns in the types, timing and outputs of the forensic science conducted.

Post Discharge Application

The aim of the project was to develop a post discharge application.

Staged Online Learner (SOL)

Analysing high speed data streams while improving throughput and retaining accuracy levels.


Our researchers are publishing their findings through various research outputs.

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