IoT for Precision Health

Big data in the healthcare industry continues to expand which constitutes EHR data, patient-generated health data, clinical trial results, and Internet of Things (IoT) data all pour into the system at ever increasing volumes.  But the bigger the data gets, the closer it draws these disparate segments of the data-generation ecosystem, creating new opportunities for advanced analytics, precision treatments, and higher quality care.

IOT devices gather and share information directly with each other and the cloud, making it possible to collect, record and analyze new data streams faster and accurately. Wireless sensor-based systems can be used for gathering patient medical data in real-time, something not possible previously. This data can be actively analysed to assist decision-support for clinicians, family, and individuals. Furthermore it can enable precision health objectives.

Our focus areas include:

  • Deployment of sensors & microcontrollers that process, analse and wirelessly communicate data
  • Smart homes & furniture that signal activity data to the cloud
  • Healthcare specific gateways and integration of IoT data
  • Artificial Intelligence for precision health decision support

Project team

  • Farhaan Mirza
  • Muhammad Asif Naeem

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