Smart Shopping

The overall objective of this research project is to enable brick and mortar (BaM) retailers to track what their customers are looking at, so that they can react to that information immediately and can better withstand the pressures of online retail. This gives BaM retailers unprecedented insight into optimal sales processes, as well as a chance to make immediate personalized offers in a way that online retailers do.

Firstly, we use our expertise in gaze tracking to build the first high resolution gaze tracking system in the length of a full shopping shelf.

Secondly, we develop real-time analytics tools for the continuous stream of gaze data, using big-data technologies. Key issues are: integration of many eye gaze trackers into arrays, automatic calibration of eye gaze trackers, real-time data warehousing of gaze data streams and real-time analysis of these streams.

Project team

  • Muhammad Asif Naeem
  • Gerald Weber