Our people

Farhaan Mirza

Farhaan is the Director of Data Science Research Group and senior lecturer in Department of IT and Software Engineering actively working in using data science for healthcare.

William Wong
Deputy Director

Prof. William Wong has a background in cognitive engineering and is interested in the design of visual analytics-based socio-technical systems that use AI and machine learning to create effective human AI-teams.

Barbara Bollard

With over 20 years of experiences, Professor Bollard has an outstanding record of research in computational conservation. She uses low altitude remote sensing and monitors the state of vegetation and its evolution in extreme environments. Her research includes drone technology and machine learning for mapping and monitoring remote and fragile environments.

Len Gillman

Lennard Gillman is a professor of biogeography with his research interest in sustainability. He has used drone technology , advanced photogrammetry and remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS) to monitor protected areas with fragile environments in Antarctica, Namibia, and Western Australia.

Mahsa Mohaghegh

Dr Mahsa Mohaghegh is a computer engineer with a background in artificial intelligence and natural language processing. She obtained her PhD from Massey University with a thesis in Statistical Machine Translation.

Shahper Richter

Shahper’s primary research is in the exploration and explanation of the use and impact of ICTs by various segments of society.

Shoba Tegginmath

Shoba has always been interested in the effective storage of data for efficient retrieval.  Her current research is in the field of natural language processing for knowledge discovery, data science, data modelling and the semantic web.

Boris Bačić

Boris' research interest is in application of Computational Intelligence (CI) and data analytics to advance sport science, rehabilitation, health and active life systems and technologies.

Sam Madanian

Samaneh (Sam) is a lecturer in the Computer Science department and Fellow of Australasian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH). Her research interest mainly focuses on e-health technologies and applications, specifically Internet of Things (IoT), in mainstream healthcare as well as in disaster situations.

Ashray Doshi

Ashray Doshi is a UAS specialist at AUT with experience in Extreme environment operations, regulatory compliance, custom autopilot design and development and safety systems.

Edmund Lai
Affiliated Member

Edmund’s focus is to develop data-driven technologies and tools for collective robotics, and signal processing of data with underlying topological and graph structures.

Weihua Li
Affiliated Member

Weihua Li is a senior lecturer at the school of Engineering, Computer & Mathematical Science. His research interest mainly focuses on Artificial Intelligence, Multi-Agent Systems, Complex Networks and Evolutionary Computation.

Parma Nand
Affiliated Member

Parma Nand is a Senior Lecturer and researcher in the department of Computer Science. He has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence in Natural Language Processing and has several years of commercial software development experience.

Sarita Pais
Affiliated Member

Sarita Pais is a lecturer at the school of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Science with the research interest in Health Technology, Public Health, and Health Services.

Jing Ma
Affiliated Member

Jing’s research interest includes multi-agent systems, Swarm Intelligence, Distributed Control systems and Automated Vehicle Systems.

Nawal Chanane
Affiliated Member

Nawal is specialising in mobile health technologies design and applications. Her research interests are in healthcare information systems and data analytics.

Zac Morse
Affiliated Member

Professor Zac Morse is a lecturer at AUT with his expertise in Dentistry.

Muhammad Asif Naeem
Affiliated Member / Founder

Asif’s research interest includes Data Science, Big Data Management, Data Mining and Machine Learning. He founded the Data Science Research Group which is now recognised a Centre.

Akbar Ghobakhlou
Affiliated Member

Akbar Ghobakhlou is a lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering. His main interests are in the areas of data mining, machine learning, image processing and the application of smart sensors in precision agriculture and environmental monitoring.

Jitty Varghese
Affiliated Member / Research Assistant

Jitty is a data integration developer for Integration Works. She is also a research assistant for the Data Science Research Centre

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