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Our research spectrum is in data and knowledge engineering. We invite you to study your PhD with us. We currently cover the below areas of study:

  • Stream Mining and Analytics (SMA)
  • Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning (TPML)
  • Simulation and Modelling  (SM)
  • Information Visualisation
  • Real-time Big Data Management (RDBM)
  • Stochastic modeling
  • Computational statistics
  • Computational Intelligence in Sports Science
  • Data Stream Mining
  • Health Informatics

A look at the projects and staff pages should give you an idea of  other projects that we research on. If any of them are of interest to you, then please feel free to get in touch.

Scholarships and funding

DSRG supports the members to fund for the following aims:

  1. Top-up for conference travel
  2. Research assistant to support a research project
  3. Inviting visitor
  4. Refreshment/catering

Please look at the guidelines and criteria before applying.

We can only consider your application if funds are available.

Fees: $7,016 (plus up to $5000 conference costs)

Details: Temporal and spatial pattern extraction from low to high quality videos: Towards real-time data fusion for wearable and ubiquitous computing devices. See more here and in this page.

Contact: Dr Boris Bačić

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A fully funded PhD position is available under the Data Science Research Group (DSRG) at the Auckland University of Technology (AUT). For details please visit the scholarship page.

Contact: Dr Muhammad Asif Naeem

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In addition, there are various scholarships on offer by AUT and NZ Government every year for both local and international students.

For more details, visit:

Our students and alumni

  • Neda Khan
    Opportunities of Babies’ Safety against Falling Hazards for Baby Healthcare Monitoring System using ML and Image Processing
  • Darsha Widana
    Predicting Asthma Symptoms by Multiple Data Sources using Machine Learning
  • Mohamed Abozed
    Immersive visualization technologies in GIS during disasters
  • Munish Rathee
    Traditional and deep learning methods for modelling and analysis of transport and human activities
  • Rijo Jacob
    A Forensic Investigation Framework for Internet of Things (IoT) Monitoring
  • Sarah Al-Hil
    Enhancing Community Conservation Efforts for Pest Plant Eradication Using Low-Altitude Remote Sensing
  • Subhash Chand
    Spatial dynamics of nearshore marine habitats from low altitude remote sensing for conservation and planning
  • Hoa Nguyen
  • Eliazar Dimalapang

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We seek to promote research into all aspects of data science.

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